Trading Online Voucher Scheme

The Trading Online Voucher scheme offered by local business offices has proved to be a great support for many businesses and start-ups as many grants up to € 2500 have been awarded to help their business grow.

The purpose behind the Trading Online Voucher scheme is not only to provide financial assistance of up to € 2500 to assist businesses in online trading, but also to provide training and advice on how best to operate and prosper in an online environment.

Who can apply for a Trading Online Gift Voucher?

The vouchers are for companies with a limited online trading presence

  • Under 10 Employees
  • Turnover of less than 2 million Euros
  • Applicants must be enrolled and traded for a minimum period of 12 months

"For applications received from April 7th 2020 until September 30th 2020. Further eligibility, terms and conditions apply."

The Trading Online Voucher is used regularly by businesses for:

  • IT consultation;

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website;

  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems;

  • Purchase of Internet related software;

  • Purchase of online advertising (this purchase cannot make up any more than 30% of approved Voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase);

  • Developing an app (or multi-platform webpages)

  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing;

  • Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy;

  • Training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an online trading activity.

Download the Trading Online Voucher Application Form

To download the Trading Online Voucher application form click here.