Search Engine Optimization

We combine machine learning with human ingenuity to connect billions of consumer data points and provide SEO solutions that are unique in integration.

With proven strategies that outlast algorithm updates, we boost our client's organic SEO results by using the entire search engine page to build exposure to your brand.
We cover the full marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion, and ensure that your prospective customers get the right message in the right time. Set your SEO efforts with highly authoritative editorial content and constructive digital PR toward long-term revenue growth. We are organic search experts, we create content in sync with the latest Google algorithms and we are optimized for high-value ranking.

The SEO team at Digitaligo Marketing Solutions  promotes a multidisciplinary approach to ensuring high exposure of digital resources for clients. We 're trying to optimize representation in Google as its algorithm progresses, increase visibility in secondary search engines as well as in the evolving voice-activated and text-activated agent class. We adopt a user-centered approach to SEO: Through recognizing consumers and their search habits, we can ensure that consumer expectations are fulfilled through influential brand content distribution.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the mechanism by which the normal or organic search results improve the importance and popularity of a website to the search engines. Every search engine has its own unique ranking system, or computer algorithm, which determines every website's ranking and relevance. Search engine algorithms place pages that have the most appropriate, trustworthy (not-spam) information at the top of the search results list, where everyone first looks.

Depending on the search term and the context of the query, Google has modified what a search results page looks like to display photos, featured snippets, results of information graphs, video results, PPC ads and local results.

We assist brands and companies with a range of strategies including content marketing, professional SEO audits, link creation, local SEO, Video Search Optimization, Paid Ads and Photo Optimization.

The role of Digitaligo Marketing Solutions as SEO experts is to take what we know of those constantly updated algorithms and develop the importance of your website strategically. By doing so we help major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo understand that your website is at the top of the search results page and has what people want and belong to. Optimization of search engines provides the highest long-term return on investment of all online marketing strategies.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to €2,500 grant available

Grow your business online with help through the Government’s National Digital Strategy. The expanded Trading Online Voucher Scheme is designed to assist small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets. Participating in this scheme can make the process of trading online much easier for you.

    Why SEO Is Need?

    In efforts of making the internet better for all user’s Google has decided to lower the rankings of many websites with poor content. They now are downgrading websites they think are spammy, or low quality. In February of 2011 Google rolled out what is known as the Google’s Panda Update. Which now has changed SEO for the better, bringing things back to the basics of content creation – making good useful content. In other words, what interests people, what they want to read and/or what drives them to buy stuff online – content that actually belongs in the top positions for Google search results.

    The right content strategy separates successful brands from their peers. Content that’s genuine, useful, engaging, and measurable should serve as the backbone of all your marketing efforts. 

    Every single SEO campaign is different; there is no “magic tool“ for fast rankings.

    We will analyze your site and your competition to find the best strategies, to bring you qualified traffic. Digitaligo Marketing Solutions targets the most authoritative sites to ensure that your link building efforts get the most bang for your buck. The right content strategy separates successful brands from their peers. Content that’s genuine, useful, engaging, and measurable should serve as the backbone of all your marketing efforts.

    Our value extends beyond design projects or marketing campaigns. First and foremost, we act as digital development consultants to provide strategic design support to our clients before, during, and after completion of a project campaign.